Sync Outlook to Salesforce

Syncing Outlook to Salesforce can be tricky. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced user who got used to the synchronization process between Outlook and Salesforce or if you just started a few weeks ago. Salesforce is a CRM running as Software as a Service. That means that you can work everywhere with Salesforce – unless you have no connection to the Internet. Microsoft Outlook in contrast has been developed for running on a desktop machine or on a laptop. MS 365 just went a new way but the roots of working locally are everywhere to be seen.

Nowadays a lot of sales people still love to work with Microsoft’s tool but they need to sync Outlook to Salesforce to get all necessary data there. Mails, events and contacts need to be synchronized to optimize communication with clients. To meet its customers halfway Salesforce has released two tools: Salesforce for Outlook and its successor Lightning for Outlook. But the functionality of both tools still lacks a few things that are necessary for an efficient documentation. If using the add-on you still have the problem that every sales rep is responsible for updates. If he or she is prevented from sending mails to Salesforce a lot of data is lost. Incoming mails are usually not synced if the employee doesn’t find an appropriate solution. And what about illness, holidays or other situations that keep the employee from sending updates?

An external tool to sync Outlook to Salesforce

Thrive for Email is an external tool that wants to run against these problems. Syncing Outlook to Salesforce will happen – but in the background. You don’t need to care which mails should be sent to Outlook. Thrive will do this for you and it checks your whole communication: Depending on your settings ALL communication with your clients is automatically synced and attached to your custom objects in Salesforce. You are used to switching from laptop to mobile and back? No problem. Thrive for Email is independent of a certain client or device.

The basic features are free for lifetime, so you have enough time to check the advantages of Thrive for Email for yourself. If you want more amenities after a certain time you can switch to the paid version. But this is up to you!