Sync emails to Salesforce

Salesforce has been founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris. Since then it has become one of the most used CRM products among sales people. A lot of third-party applications have been developed to support and extend the daily work with the SaaS based solution. When it comes to following up sales processes email is one of the most important of it.

Syncing emails to Salesforce is supported with a plugin by Salesforce itself. But the problems arise when you start working with this plugin. A lot of companies have specific ways to work with Salesforce – and these ways don’t apply the way Salesforce wants their users to work with the CRM. The result is a lot of time that is spent for redundant processes. According to CSO Insights, the time sales employees actually spend on selling is decreasing from year to year. On the other hand the administrative work is increasing exponentially.

The easiest way to sync emails to Salesforce is adding the Email2Salesforce address to the BBC area of the mail client. The problem with this solution is that you are not able to capture all essential mails, only the outgoing ones. This leaves you with a blind spot because your client’s answer is not sent to Salesforce. The second point is that every sales employee has to decide which emails to add and which not. This can cause a distortion in email history when trying to do a follow-up in future.

A new way to sync emails to Salesforce

Right now there are a lot of external tools that provide a solution for this. A lot of them are browser-based and are used as add-ons. Thrive for Email approaches a new way: The process is running in the background on a server. This makes you independent of any software you are using for emails. Smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac – it doesn’t matter which device you prefer. Syncing emails to Salesforce has never been easier when using this tool. In comparison to other tools Thrive for Email is faster and has a better quality concerning the synced data. The sentence “If it’s not in Salesforce, then it didn’t happen” is getting a new meaning by using this tool – try it out for free with Thrive for Email.