Salesforce Outlook Plugin

When organizing appointments, tasks and emails with clients a lot of sales people are using Outlook. Salesforce often enters the game when sales people are working in a team. To keep up the communication between each team member and their contacts a tool is needed to synchronize all data from Outlook to Salesforce. When searching for a Salesforce Outlook Plugin you will find a solution that has been produced by Salesforce itself: Salesforce for Outlook. This plugin enables the communication between Outlook on your machine and Salesforce online.

The plugin is provided in your Salesforce account page. After installation the tool needs to be connected to Salesforce to start syncing. So far so good. The first problems arise in general when using the tool during daily work: Every sales person has to decide for himself which data from Outlook should be sent to Salesforce. This can cause missing or insufficient data when the sales employee is leaving the company. Handing over contacts, tasks and email communication can turn to a real challenge, especially when it comes to successful conclusions of contracts.

In this context it is not a surprise that sales employees are spending a lot of time on administration, not on their original purpose: selling. According to CSO Insights, a well-respect source for sales research, sales people waste 65 percent of their daily work on doing administrative tasks. Saving emails manually to Salesforce is just one of them although they are using a Salesforce Outlook plugin.

A better solution then the Salesforce Outlook plugin

Because of this there is a large market with third-party apps that promise to take countermeasures. As long as you continue working with Outlook you will find quite a lot of solutions. But what if you switch to a new machine or start travelling to your customers with just a mobile device? What if you get a Mac to work on? Thrive for Email takes over when it comes to this. The reason is simple: The tool is running in the background and checks for all data to be synchronized automatically. The Salesforce Outlook Plugin is no longer needed – you can concentrate on your sales processes. Try it out: Thrive for Email is free for small teams without any restriction!