Salesforce and Outlook Calendar Sync

When working with Salesforce and Outlook you need to make sure that syncing all necessary data takes place without any further assistance. A major part of this data exchange belongs to the calendar data. A lot of sales reps prefer to work with the calendar that Microsoft Outlook provides. Therefore it is not a big surprise that the Salesforce and Outlook Calendar Sync is something an employee can’t go without. Contacts, events and tasks need to be saved for future follow-ups in communication.

Salesforce meets the requirements of its customers halfway by its tools. The company has released a plugin called “Salesforce for Outlook” for enabling the Salesforce and Outlook Calendar Sync. The first problems arise during daily work when using the tool: Every sales person is responsible for sending data to Salesforce. By adding a certain category the event is synced to Salesforce during the next sync cycle. But if the sales rep is prevented from doing this the synced data may become inconsistent and unreliable because of missing information.

Other options for the Salesforce and Outlook Calendar Sync

Because of these problems a lot of third-party tools have entered the market to put things right. Thrive for Email is one of them – but it pursues this goal by a different strategy than other competitors. Thrive for Email provides you with a service that runs in the background. That means that you don’t need to install any software on your machine. It doesn’t matter which device you are working on: As long as you are connected to the Internet mails, contacts and events are synced to Salesforce. When being offline for a certain time, the Salesforce and Outlook Calendar sync process is paused. When reconnecting, the data is synced automatically – you don’t need to care any longer.

When starting to work with Thrive for Email for the first time it’s up to you to set a few things. But afterwards the system is running autonomously. Just make the settings once for your entire team – then start communicating instead of doing administrative work. If you want to have a look for yourself, no problem, the basic version is free. Try it out without any restraints you will find in other trial versions.