Salesforce Extension for Outlook

Since the foundation of Salesforce more and more companies have switched to this CRM system. Being released as Software as a Service (SAAS), it can be used in the cloud from nearly every device that is capable of connecting to the Internet. So it has become very popular among sales people. The first problems arise when it comes to synchronizing data from programs that are usually used on a laptop or a pc. The best example is Microsoft Outlook. A lot of employees love to use this tool to organize their mails, contacts and events with their clients.

To bridge this gap, Salesforce released an extension for Outlook a few years ago: Salesforce for Outlook. In 2016 a successor has been presented, but the functionality remains the same. The extension needs to be installed and connected to your Salesforce account to establish the connection. When sending mails to Salesforce, the sales rep is still asked to decide which mails should be saved to Salesforce and which not. That means a lot of responsibility for a single person – and what is going to happen when the sales employee leaves the company? What about the data that is left on his or her working machine? The official Salesforce extension for Outlook reaches its limits when used in daily work.

A third party app in place of the Salesforce Extension for Outlook

Salesforce has a big advantage though: A lot of third-party apps are available for help. Thrive for Email for instance is a tool that has specialized on synchronizing data between Salesforce and Outlook (and other mail clients). In comparison to other tools it works in the background and checks from there the data that is going to and coming from your mail account. To make it run you just need to connect your Salesforce account and your mail address to the service. From then on you can start working and stop administrating because Thrive for Email takes care of the rest. Forget the Salesforce Extension for OutlookThrive works everywhere 24/7. And it doesn’t matter if your device is a pc, a mac or a mobile device. Try it out as long as you like because the basic version is free, you only have to pay if you want to start using the amenities of the tool!