How do you handle my privacy?


We take your privacy seriously, which is why we’ve tried to explain the way we handle your data in normal English. We’ve tried to answer to the most important concerns below, however should something still be unclear, then don’t hesitate to send us an email

First things first: We are not in the business of selling your data. We provide you with a safe and automated service where your data is used to provide value to you.

In order to achieve that we need to connect to your Salesforce account and other channels you use to interact with your customers. In terms of data usage we need to distinguish between Salesforce and other channels:
Customer channels (Email, Calendar, etc)
As soon as you grant us with access to your channel(s) we regularly sync this channel and store some of the data in our database. We strive to keep that data at the bare minimum to guarantee a functional system and offer the service you would expect from us. We re-assess our processes on a regular basis to see if we can make them even more data-efficient.

Depending on the channel of choice, we might be forced to request read and write access. We never delete or modify any of your content!
Sole exception: Some premium packages add additional data e.g. useful labels in Gmail. All of those features are unexceptionally opt-in and do not interfere with regular use of the product. We will provide you with more information regarding those features upfront.

The Salesforce connection is solely used to save new data on behalf of you. Some of this operations require searches across your existing data (for example to find object relations), however we will only access data for to create value for you as a customer.


Access to your data
We understand that you want to be sure that your data is handled with care, which is why we want to make the following very clear: **We will not read your data.**

Access to our data storage is strictly limited to our employees responsible for the security and availability of our service. Needless to say: All of those employees were thoughtfully considered and had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before access was granted.

In exceptional cases it might be required to access your data to solve reported issues. This will never be done without your explicit permission.

As mentioned above we have no interested in selling any of your data. Now, our email integration for Salesforce is free of charge and you might ask yourself how we keep our solution financially sustainable? Right now we are in the process of rolling out the first paid premium add-ons and we will extend the range of addons in the near future even further. These premium addons help us to fund the product and keep our email integration free – forever.
Retention of Personal Information
We retain your personal data as long as you are using our services. Should it come to the unfortunate moment that you decide not to use our services anymore, we will remove all of your data except your email address. Your email address might be used to inform you about our new features or products. You can opt-out at any time by clicking on the opt-out button in the emails you receive or by emailing us.