Integrate Salesforce with Outlook

When working with Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook, it will happen sooner or later: You are confronted with the problem how to send your mails from the locally installed MS Outlook to the cloud-based Salesforce CRM. Salesforce released a plugin to solve this a few years ago: Salesforce for Outlook. It is meant to do the job that you are looking for – integrating Salesforce with Outlook.

If you are using Salesforce the way the system was planned for, this solution could work for you. Unfortunately, most companies chose their own way of working with the CRM. This leads to the problem that syncing emails, events and contacts has become tricky, for example because of the customized objects in Salesforce. The result is that the data quality in Salesforce has become quite bad when using one of the official Salesforce solutions.

Workarounds: Easily integrate Salesforce with Outlook

One workaround is using the Email2Salesforce address, but it’s a poor way. A lot of data remains in the realms of your local computer and is not sent to Salesforce. Why? Because the sales rep is forced to decide which data should go there. A good and reliable solution for integrating Salesforce with Outlook looks different.

Because of this the market is full of third-party tools that promise help. When primarily working with Outlook most of them will provide the solution for sure you are looking for. But what if you change your working machine? Switch from PC to Mac? Or choose to start working on a mobile device? At a single blow the range of appropriate tools is decreasing …

A refreshing approach is Thrive for Email. In contrast to other competitors it gives you the possibility to work without restrictions on any device you want. It is as easy as it sounds because the service is running in the background. It is checking your mails in certain timed intervals whereas you can work in the frontend the way you are used to. Integration of Salesforce with Outlook can be easily done – with the help of Thrive for Email. Just try it for yourself without paying: The basic features like automatic email syncing or opportunity matching are free without temporary restraints!