Why Thrive for Email?

Everybody who has worked with Salesforce and Outlook knows that data synchronization between the two tools is not always running properly. Let alone if you have adapted Salesforce objects to your processes. Sales representatives are therefore forced to spend considerable time on administrative work to synchronize emails, contacts and events from Outlook to Salesforce. Salesforce itself offers a solution but when it comes to daily work the plugin fails in more than one aspect. Because of this Thrive for Email has been launched to offer a fresh new approach to Salesforce Email integration.

Thrive for Email is running in the background

Thrive for Email screenshot opportunities/custom objects

If you got used to installing a plugin to Outlook – forget that. You don’t need to install any software on your working machine. Thrive for Email offers an automated service that is running online. Thrive automatically checks your data and synchronizes it to Salesforce if it is relevant. You can work in any email client just the way you are used to. No add-in, no plugin, no software – nothing needs to be done on your computer.

Start working on any device you want

Thrive for Email is running in the background so it doesn’t matter which device you prefer for your daily work. PC, Mac or mobile device – you can use whichever you want. Thrive is not dependent on any local installation, so you can use it everywhere. As long as your device is connected to the Internet, all data is synchronized as planned. Don’t worry if you are forced to work offline for a while – Thrive is not affected by this. Just go online and the synchronization will happen automatically.

Setting up Thrive for Email is simple

Thrive for Email screenshot incoming/outgoing

Thrive for Email enables you to determine how the email integration should work. There are several rules you can use to tell Thrive what should happen with emails, contacts and events when being sent to Salesforce. In addition, all in-house communication is filtered automatically (based on your domain). The focus is clearly set on the communication to your customers, not to your colleagues. Just set up all rules for your team once at the beginning – that’s all. If you add new members to your team, the rules will automatically apply to them as well.

Thrive for Email offers a wide variety of customization

Thrive for Email supports everything from opportunities and custom objects in Salesforce. When syncing emails, events and contacts Thrive is able to detect every field that belongs to an object. The result is a data quality that sets new standards. Missing or inconsistent data will be a thing of the past. All data is captured and attached to the right objects. That makes all information transparent and traceable. You can also have your email history synchronized to have all information in one place. If a member of your team leaves your company you can tie the email account to Thrive for Email as well. Even after his or her resignation, you can ensure that no customer email is lost.

Save time with any budget

Thrive for Email screenshot enhanced object

Thrive for Email comes with two versions. The Starter version is free for lifetime and enables you to get a closer look at the basic features of Thrive. Just create a Thrive account, add your Salesforce account and email provider and you can try out for yourself without any timed restraints. You can add up to 15 team members, make central team settings and start benefitting from automatic email synchronization and opportunity matching. The Freedom version gives you more amenities if you want to take it all: Custom sync rules, custom objects, calendar integration, meeting reminders, priority support and much more. These additional features are free for 14 days, if you don’t want to continue with the Freedom version you can just switch back to the free Starter plan.

Thrive for Email – and your CRM works for you

In comparison to other tools that easily charge you with hundreds of dollars, Thrive enables you to test its features as long as you want without being forced to pay. Thrive for Email sets new standards in data quality so you can get back to work with your customers. Stop spending time on administrative work in SalesforceThrive is doing this for you. Register an account and see for yourself what Thrive has to offer. You have nothing to lose and only time to win for the more important things!