The problem with data integration to CRM systems

Although emails are one of the key means of business communication, support for adding them to CRMs is rather low at the moment. Especially Salesforce, one of the best known CRM systems on the market, doesn’t provide a reliable solution for this problem. But the Salesforce email integration is something that has become critical because the amount of administrative work in conjunction with data entry is rising. Research shows that every employee is forced to spend four hours per week with entering data into a CRM. That means that CRM data entry costs a lot of time – time that could be put to better use.

Most CRMs are updated from the outside

Another factor that is influencing the data entry process is the sales employee himself. A lot of sales people are used to working with other tools than the CRM itself. Only 40 percent of all sales updates are entered directly, the rest results from external tools that send the data to the CRM. A good example is MS Outlook that a lot of sales reps use for their daily work. Data synchronization between Salesforce and Outlook is something that has become rather tricky over the last few years: You need to connect a program that is usually running on a local machine and a software that is running online as a service. Problems with synchronization won’t stay away for long.

A number of third-party apps already exist to make data entry easier, but most of them don’t change the situation: It is still the decision of the sales rep which information should go to Salesforce and which shouldn’t. If the employee thinks a certain piece of information is not valuable – what do you think will happen? Exactly: It won’t be saved. Sooner or later the data in Salesforce will become incomplete and inconsistent – a catastrophe from a management point of view, which is what the CRM is for.

Thrive for Email: A new approach

Thrive for Email has entered the market to change this. It presents a new approach in reducing repetitive work and typing updates into Salesforce. Imagine Thrive for Email as your personal sales assistant that takes over documentation of your activities. No more manual data entry – Thrive for Email is sending customer data and communication to Salesforce fully automatically. No more copy-pasting contact details, no more fine-tuning of customer and lead histories. You can just concentrate on your customers and your targets! And the best thing is: This assistant works at all times, even if you are on holiday or while you are sleeping.

Better data quality – with Thrive for Email

Thrive synchronizes emails for leads, customers, support cases etc. Because of this it offers a high degree of customization, it is able to work with custom objects and opportunities in Salesforce. This ensures excellent data quality. With the aid of Thrive you can be sure that all data is homogenous, comparable and up-to-date. Based on this you can make better decisions – for your company, for your employees and for your future. At the same time every team member gets additional capacity for worthier things: Time to focus on communicating and selling instead of typing endless data updates into the CRM.

By making a few settings you can tell Thrive what should happen with emails. Thrive is able to differentiate between mails from colleagues and mails from customers. Therefore in-house communication stays exactly where it is meant to be: In-house. In the meantime updates from customers, contacts and your calendar are automatically synced to the according objects in Salesforce. It doesn’t matter where the updates are created: Thrive works on any device, so you can stick to your habits when communicating.

More powerful than other tools

If you are still hesitating – why don’t give it a try with the Starter plan? The Starter plan is free for everyone, no trial, no hidden agenda, nothing. Convince yourself with up to 15 team members if Thrive for Email is the best assistant for you. The Freedom plan provides you with more amenities if you want to switch to the full power of Thrive.

Think about it:

  • Perfect data quality in your CRM
  • New capacities for your team members
  • Fully automated email synchronization
  • No restraints for working devices
  • No installation needed

Similar tools charge you hundreds of dollars – and you have no control over synchronization and data quality in your CRM. Thrive for Email empowers your work and returns hundreds of valuable hours to you every year. Hours that you can spend for the more important things in life!